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Tower Hunts

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Try out our European style tower hunts with your family and friends. We need a minimum of eight hunters to run our tower hunts and can accommodate up to 30 hunters at a time. Hunters must take at least 5 pheasants each for the shoot. Any birds missed off the tower are considered scratch birds and may be hunted with your own dogs, after the tower hunt is complete. Dogs will be supplied, at no additional cost, for the actual tower portion of your hunt. Cost is $80 for 4 hens and 1 roosters. Additional birds are available upon request. Light lunches are also available upon request for a small additional charge. All tower hunts must be booked in advance.

How it works

We have a forty foot tower that we take the birds up to the top of for their release. This tower has ten shooting stations located around it. We throw the birds off the tower one at a time, then have the guys rotate clockwise after every 10 birds to the next station. We do this to make sure we spread the fun out evenly for all the participants if a couple of blinds are hotter than others that day. After the hunt is done, the birds missed off the tower are considered scratch birds and can be hunted again. You may have two or more opportunities at the same bird. How’s that for value? You’ll also find that this is cheaper per bird because of the increase in the number of birds we use for the hunt. This hunt is suppose to mimic a European Style hunt, I think it feels a lot like duck hunting. This type of hunt is also great for corporate events, Christmas parties, bachelor parties, taking young kids out to work on their shooting skills, or getting the older folks out that are getting to the end of their hunting careers that can’t walk as far as they used to walk. Whatever the reason, you can’t beat the value and the fun you’ll have participating in this type of hunt.

Sample Hunts

All Prices Include Tax. A minimum of 5 birds need to be released per hunt, per group and need to be used in the same hunting season.

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