Most Frequently Asked Questions

And Our Answers.

What are the dates you’re open?

We are open August 1st to March 31st for Chukar Partridge and Pheasants. We may go longer if we are trying to clear out some birds for the summer. We are open daily from 8:00-5:00 with the complete farm being rented for the morning or the afternoon. The only days we are closed are Christmas Day, and some of the days in the gun deer season. Management does reserve the right to be closed on any day we deem necessary however, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Are you a state licensed facility?

Yes, we are licensed as a Class A game farm with the State of Wisconsin, which requires a couple of things to be done including reporting how many birds we sell annually and how many of those birds were harvested. You are required to have a receipt with you to show that the birds that you have in your possession came from a game farm and are not wild birds, so please do not leave the farm without your receipt.

Do you require blaze orange and eye protection?

No, we do not require safety glasses or blaze orange jackets/vests for any of our hunts, but we do recommend it.

Do you need a license to hunt at Cedar Hill Game Farm?

No license is needed; however you do need to be at least ten years old. The new legislation that allows 10 and 11 year olds to hunt has been passed and goes into effect on September 1st, 2009. The regulations can be viewed on the dnr website at www.wisconsindnr.org. Go to the hunting page, then click on hunting regulations on the left in the green, then mentored hunting. All the criteria is laid out for both the hunter and the mentor. In short, only one firearm is allowed between the child and the mentor. For 12 year olds and up, both the child and the mentor may carry a firearm after the youth has completed the hunter safety program. Again please refer to the dnr website or call a service center for all the details.

May I shoot anything other than Pheasants and Chukar Partridge?

We offer pheasant and chukar hunts only as this is all our state license will allow. However, many of our hunters do report seeing a number of other wild animals while hunting at our farm. You may see fox, coyote, ducks, geese, rabbits, turkeys, many types of birds, or one of our local whitetail deer. Seeing one of our residents in their natural setting will make your experience even more memorable.

Is alcohol permitted?

No alcoholic beverages are permitted to be consumed before or during your hunt.  A complimentary beverage is available after the hunt.



  • I introduced my daughter to Pheasant hunting at Cedar Hill Game Farm, away from the crowds typically found on public hunting grounds.  Whether you’re introducing a youth to hunting, taking the puppy out for his first try at Pheasants, or just wanting to spend quality time in the field with friends, Cedar Hill is an excellent choice.

    Mark Tischler
  • Awesome place. Owners and staff are extremely friendly. Will be going back again on another hunt

    Taylor Eppler
  • Great place to bring your pup or your old lady.You have the whole farm to yourself and Doug goes out of his way to make sure you have a great hunt.

    Corey Schoeffling
  • I brought my 6 month old lab out to Cedar Hill in mid September. Doug helped set myself and my dog up for a successful hunt and donated his entire morning to offering advice and ensuring a spectacular service. You don't get that type of treatment from many game farms and for that reason I have been back two times since!! Thanks Doug!!

    William Allen
  • Doug does a fantastic job with the hunt. He takes his time and gets to know his clients and works at their experience level.

    Jon Landsverk
  • I hunt and shoot a lot of pheasants during the normal season on public lands so this was my first time on a game farm with my brother. It was an absolute blast! If you are thinking about trying it, DO IT! Great host, great land, and great birds. They make you feel like you're hunting with a best friend. I love the variety of land and how he tries his best to make the hunt as natural as possible. Ended the day with 7/10 pheasants with one miss, over all great day and will for sure be back! Thanks again!!

    Evan Kurkowski
  • Doug is a great host, makes you feel like your hunting with your neighbor. We hunted his first weekend this year 8/2/14 with a young dog & had a great morning. It doesn't matter if your looking for a nice relaxed hunt on quality birds or breaking in new dogs and shooters I'd highly recommend Cedar Hill. We will be back, thanks again Doug for a great morning.

    Michael Paulick